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La Noche de las Brujas DOGS, a film
Hamlet (2012) by
              Hugo Santander Angel Falls, a film by Hugo Santander
Kennedy's Crimes
po: portrait of a broken Wall Street broker India Colombia Documentary
Fabian and Beatriz are two children who set up a raffle in order to get two costumes for Halloween. Their efforts are challenged by their parents, who unwillingly unfold a local tragedy.

On June 23rd "Witches' Night" was screened at the Puerto Rico International Film Festival Vieques Island.

NDB was also showcased in the Orlando Film Festival 2010
Set in 3011, the planet of Madras has been enslaved by an intelligent strain of Dogs who can kill at sight. The origins of the raise of the Dogs are discussed by the priests
and scientists of the Universe. It's widely believed, though, that King Karthik, assisted by Sorcerer Omar, conjured evil spirits into a pack of dogs
when Prince Mani, his brother and contender to the throne of the Tamils, escaped in a condemned-to-death ship of dogs after the murder of King Ponraj the Third.  Captain Ravi, a student of law at the University of Madras, organises then the Resistance,
a movement that advocates the return of Prince Mani as the legal King of the Tamil
DOGS stages the only attempt of Captain Ravi to meet 
Prince Mani in a coffee shop of Madras. He falls into an ambush, triggering the
perverse plan of the Dogs to rule the Empire...
When I discovered Hamlet in 1986 I decided  to perform the role during the prime of my youth.  In the summer of 1997 I boldly altered Shakespeare's original play to rewrite it according to my own Weltanschauung.

When I told my colleagues about my project, most of them considered it too ambitious and too difficult to realize. After all, I had no much budget, and the DV format was not considered to be up to the standards of cinema. Such impression changed soon after and we shot the film along four months, during the weekends in the parks and roads of Philadelphia.

As a traveller He had the habit of seducing women. Frustrated love had driven him to find solace in the solitude of the cold landscapes of Los Andes. In Carmen de Carupa, a town encircled by the ghostly fog of the moors of Colombia,  100 kms from Bogota, he met Her, and by her furtive love, he learned the limits of seduction...
Kennedy Gamarra is about to be conscripted by the army of Colombia, his native country. His father, Humberto, is trying to get a document that will spare his son a two-year stay in an army that is currently fighting a non-declared civil war against a communist guerrilla. Humberto, however, is more concern about how to steal money from Vidriovencol, the company he works for. He needs extra money to keep on with his affair with Aminta, the company’s secretary. Kennedy, on the other hand, expects to avoid the conscription by becoming a father. He has a romance with Eliana, the daughter of Porcia, his dad's boss. Eliana, who has just return from an abortion, lies to Kennedy and tells him that she had never been pregnant. Kennedy tells off his father for his affair. They fight and Kenney decides, then, to become independent by getting enlisted in the army. Months later, Kennedy returns to the offices of Vidriovencol, where he begs help from Porcia and Marino- the company’s accountant. Kennedy appears to have committed a crime. He has also deserted and is in the run. Marino and Aminta avoid him. He meets then Eliana, who has a new boyfriend. Finally Kennedy meets his father, who helps him to abandon the country. But still, Kennedy will have to face the men who are shadowing him…
I wrote the first draft of po in 1988, while discovering the novels of Samuel Beckett.

The title refers primerely to p.o. (post office in the US) a subtle reference to Bartleby, but also to the portuguese word for 'dust'. po is man who lives intensively, in spite of being constantly hurt by his relatives and friends. The external world is  his reference, the source of his  sufferings, pleasures and ambitions. As Voltaire, he believes that he will leave the world as crooked and wicked as he found it. Eager to be imperceptible po has chosen to live in a dark and small room, as a handicap, reducing his own fate to the remembrance of his dreams, experiences and nightmares. A woman takes care of him, though he complaints that she is trying to kill him.

I described po once as 'a story of frustrated ambition in the mood of post-industrial society'. Shot in 1995 po was awarded with the Temple University Motion Picture Association Scholarship.
Hugo Santander's Chennai film is a personal lyrical impression on the character of the Indian nation.
Coproduced with the Sivaji Ganesan Film and Television Institute - SRM University Chennai, India
How do people survive in a third-world town? What are their expectations, their problems and their dreams? MANATI, PORTRAIT OF THIRD-WORLD HAPPY TOWN is an attempt to answer these and other questions posed by the social and political convulsions of Colombia
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