Aparts from Cortés y Moctezuma were presented with texts of Literature Nobel Laureate Elfriede Jelinek by Project Theatre Studio in Viena, Austria
Hugo Santander
  My life in 7 nations along the paths of literature,
cinema, philosophy and theater
Exalted as one of the 100 colombians 2013 by 2017 Nobel Prize  the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos

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Hymns to

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The masks
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Or Ulises' journey from the Jungle, his home-town, to the earthly delights of Globalization

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I found this inscription on a wooden tablet I bought in Madurai. The engravings are from the 17th-century Shangai school...


A poem
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The Death of a Nation
 FRANKLIN.-If six nations of ignorant savages were capable of forming a powerful and, as it seems, an indissoluble state--I refer to the Hotinoshoni league of nations, won't we be able to be up to the challenge of uniting the American English Colonies? While we are, as they say, slaves of a single man, they are masters of their lives. To the Hotinoshoni all men are created equal, endowed by their gods with equal rights.

Book reviews

... Salman Rushdie belongs to that unfortunate group of writers and filmmakers who after a premature success find themselves in the quagmire of Status Quo complacency ... the voluptuous heroine dies asserting that Galileo was right in affirming that the earth spins around the sun. The melodramatic effect of her final words is sadly spoiled by physics (the earth spins around the sun as the sun spins around the earth and both around the Milky Way: Galileo was not as right as we would like to believe), but by the lengthy reflections of Professor Malik Solanka...
Rushdie, Salman, Fury

Academic papers
 ... One of the greatest misconceptions of aesthetics is that poetry corresponds primarily to emotions: «There is no question, then, that a work of art is presented to sensuous apprehension» Thoughts appear to be the private privilege of philosophy. But emotions cannot exist by themselves. They require the assistance of the mind, or―as Kant pointed out in his third critique, they must be subordinated to the mind in order to become sublime.

Ascendancy of Poetry over Philosophy

Theatre plays

   My Dad has not died as yet. I no longer have hopes to get his inheritance. You know. I know I will die first than him. My family owns eight buildings. And look where I live! I heard you are a drug-addict.


... Vladimir and Estragon are tortured by the evidence that Godot won't ever come, and yet they maintain their faith in him. Both characters, however, avoid any direct reference to faith...

Scepticism and faith in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot
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The Pro-Murder Society
Ricardo and Gabrielle Saint-André, an open-minded couple of detectives, are invited to a wedding in Cheshire, England. As they arrive they meet their hosts, Tracy and Sara, the gorgeous Baltimore sisters, whom Ricardo met years ago in Portugal. Sara is about to marry famous football player Mr. Sousa, whereas Tracy is marrying play-boy millionaire Sir Max Weyden. The wedding celebration ends abruptly with a car crash. As people leave the party, they discover the dead body of Sara Baltimore hanging from a tree, and below her feet, the agonizing body of Mr. Sousa--inside his crashed Mercedes.
Available at Amazon.com from November 2018

Hugo's Theater Play"El Botín, Ave Muerta Vuela Alta" completes 60 performances in Bogotá and Sincelejo
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                                                          Bogotá HOY
Himnos a
                                                          La Muerte, de
                                                          Hugo Noel
Mention of honour at the 8th Short-story International competition "Manuel Mujica Láinez 2014" in Argentina
The Crisis of Atheism
Essay  published by The Philosophical Society of England, in The Philosopher, Volume LXXXXI No. 1 The journal  founded in London by G K Chesterton, and John Dewey
"Politics and Metaphysics of Jean Vigo’s A propos de Nice"
Published by the most read Cinema Journal in the world Senses of Cinema
"In Le Amiche we sit before a film that is not merely a rhapsody of words, but an overall aesthetic gesture written in the form of a three-act suicide note."
On Antonioni's Le Amiche

"The sudden discredit of the Scriptures, which until the raise of communism had been the ethical reference of millions of workers and peasants, left an ethical gap that was fulfilled with the writings of Lenin, Mao and Hitler…"

On God

"That we conceive a narrative in terms of causes and consequences, recreating non-uttered conflicts and identifying with the characters of each conflict, is evident by our interest to know the resolution of a puzzle  , a sport contest or a nightmare."

On Narrative
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Definitions of God and Narrative for The Essentials of Philosophy & Ethics,  published by Hodder Arnold (London), distributed in the United States by Oxford University Press

New Manhattan Soirées

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DOWNLOAD "Hudson" the first chapter of the novel published in Spain by La Buganville Press (Barcelona, 2002)

Theatre reviews

Amongst all the greatest playwrights of the 20th century, Arthur Miller might be remembered as the most emotional writer of an unemotional milieu.
Let's put aside his repetitive discourse on inhuman capitalism, his stubborn or one-dimensional characters and his shallow and uninventive dialogues; only then we'll be able to appreciate the emotional outpouring of opposite personalities or social forces: father and son, wife and husband, boss and employee, brother and brother.

«Sonnets to Coralie»

Half the world has darkened
And half has shined since you left
Ten years of virginal emotions
End thus in an abrupt and final leave

The vows we made on the lawn
Of the most lavish Cheshire field
Lie withered by your hand
I vainly nursed them back to health

I won't upset you with my love again
I wont' resist the universe and its designs
I herewith surrender your kindheartedness and hope
To allow myself to learn, to love, to rejoice again and die